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Are your Mustangs SCV Registered and are they Right Hand Drive?
All our Mustangs are registered with the WA Department of Transport, and are Right Hand Drive (for superior passenger safety & comfort). We recommend never compromising on safety when making your car hire booking. Our drivers are all licensed, and abide by the highest customer service standards.

What colour Mustangs do you have?
We currently have in our fleet a 1966 V8 White convertible, a 1966 V8 Candy Apple Red convertible, a 1966 V8 Silver coupe, and a 1966 V8 Candy Apple Red coupe.

What happens if it rains? Will we get wet?
Our convertible cars are fitted with electric roof’s. In the event of high winds, or rain, the tops can be activated from inside the car within 10 seconds. Hence, there is no risk at all.

Do your cars have air-con?
Our Silver Coupe has air-con.

What are your payment conditions?
We take an initial booking fee (non refundable), to secure your booking. The entire outstanding amount of your transport needs to be settled 1 month prior to your event. Ask us about our EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT.

What payment options do you offer?
We accept EFT's,Cheques,Cash,Postal Orders,and PAYPAL (Credit Cards/fees apply),

How many people can I get in your cars?
Our Mustangs carry 3 passengers (not including the driver). With all four Mustang's together we can carry a party of 12 stress free!

What is the minimum booking?
Our minimum booking is 1 hour for social jobs, and for weddings is 2 hours.

What do the drivers wear?
The drivers wear full tailored suits, fedora hats and silk ties.

Can we use the cars in our wedding pics?
Absolutely – we encourage it!

What happens if we need the cars longer than booked on the day?
No problems at all. As part of your booking, we have a fee scale based on the extension of your booking.

Do you guys have eski’s, glassware, and various coloured ribbons for the cars?
Yes to all the above.

Do you guys do reception / school ball pick-ups at the end of the night?
We sure do! We can co-ordinate this transport at the time of your booking.

Can I hire your cars for my wedding anniversary?
Of course you can! Ask us about our 'Romantic' anniversary packages.

Can I hire your cars for my school ball?
For sure! Make all your friends super jealous... Nothing is kooler than a V8 Mustang!

Can children ride in the cars?
Children can ride in the Mustangs but passengers under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

Do you do Gift Vouchers?
Sure - ask us today.

Can I drive the car?
Sadly not. For insurance reasons you will be provided with a fully licensed driver.

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